(All staff receive email via info@horizonscc.com. For individual email addresses, please refer to the back of your Sunday morning program.)


Jeff Gentry, Senior Pastor

Jeff is a native of Arizona, having graduated from Greenway High School, Grand Canyon University, and Phoenix Seminary. He began his ministry at HCC in 2005 as the Associate Pastor. He was recently named Senior Pastor and looks forward to leading HCC into the future.  He and his wife, Shari, have been married since 1988 and have 4 (young) adult children. He loves history but hates okra.








Matt Suman, Family Pastor

Matt joined the team in April of 2016. He is also a native of AZ and has been in ministry here in the valley for over 20 years. He and his wife Rose have two basketball playing teenagers. If you stop by his office to visit, he will always have chocolate.




Zach Sharp, Youth Pastor

Zach (also a native Zonie) has been working with the youth at HCC since he was practically a youth himself. He was added to our full time staff in January of 2016 as the Director of Youth Ministries. Zach recently graduated from GCU, earning his Bachelors degree in Christian Studies. Zach is an amazing artist and knows everything there is to know about Star Wars.






Shari Gentry, Director of Media & Worship

Shari grew up in Southern California and moved to AZ to attend GCU. She has been on staff at HCC since 2007.  Prior to that she was a teacher in the Peoria School District and loves bumping into former students and parents. She is married to HCC's Senior Pastor, Jeff and is a mom to four. Shari is passionate about missions, adoption, worship...and peanut butter anything.


Colette Norton, Office Manager & Youth Administrator

Colette and her family have been attending HCC since 2006. She volunteered as our Youth Administrator for 7 years before joining the staff as our office manager in 2014. Colette and her husband Tim have 2 daughters and have lived in the valley for many years. She hates roller coasters...even the ones for the under 3' tall crowd.


Richard Angelo, Sanitation Engineer

If you need to find something, move something, or fix something at HCC, Richard is your man.  Richard has lived in the Phoenix area for 24 years and has been on staff at HCC since the beginning. If you give him chocolate, he will be your best friend...for life!